Just Acts: Calling All UUs--
It’s a Critical Moment for Migrant Justice!
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We’ve all seen the stepped up hateful rhetoric and threats against our migrant family. Threats to further militarize the border, to move people to Sanctuary cities, and to use the military to round up and deport people. All while ICE continues to terrorize our communities and our country cages migrant children! But what you may not know is that this administration is very vulnerable right now, particularly for its cruel policies that separate families. And that’s why we need to act now.

The UUA has joined the Shut Down Homestead Child Detention Center National Week of Action June 9-16. This is a critical moment where if we succeed, and we have the opportunity now, we could create real momentum for migrant justice and get closer to liberation for all.

The Homestead facility is run by Caliburn, a for-profit corporation, that is warehousing over 2,000 migrant youth, aged 13-17, in prison conditions. Most ot the youth have family in the U.S. eager to receive them but when family members and sponsors come forward, the Department of Homeland Security insists on seeking out and detaining undocumented family members through fingerprint and papers requests. Furthermore there are smaller agencies that have open beds that would enable these youth to live in humane conditions and get schooling but DHS refuses to release them.

We must say not in our name and end child detention. We CAN Shut Down Homestead if we all pull together. And through this campaign we can build our strength to eventually end all detention and deportation and build toward the dismantling of white supremacy. Here’s what we need you to do:

  1. Sign the Petition to Close Down the Homestead Child Detention Center . Our coalition’s goal is to get to 100,000 signatures and deliver them to the Health and Human Services Department which has the power to shut Homestead down. We will also deliver the petition to Members of Congress.
  2. Help children write letters to Congress Download our letter-writing toolkit for children. This can be a family and congregational activity.
  3. Join UUs for Social Justice on June 12th in Washington DC to deliver the petition and letters.
  4. Join Side with Love and UU Justice Florida in Homestead, Florida (30 miles from Miami) for the June 16th Action on Father’s Day at Homestead!

And while we go on the offensive we also need to protect each other from the administration’s criminalization of those who seek to address this humanitarian crisis.

Tell the US Attorney’s Office: Drop the charges against No More Deaths Volunteer Dr. Scott Warren--Humanitarian Aid is NOT a Crime!

Dr. Scott Warren is facing up to 20 years in prison for giving food and water to migrants in the desert of southern Arizona.  He is being targeted because he is a member of No More Deaths, a group which works to end death and suffering in the borderlands and draws attention to abuses by Border Patrol.

Urge the U.S. Attorney’s Office to drop all charges against Dr. Warren by making a call to Assistant U.S. Attorney Nathaniel Walters and Assistant U.S. Attorney Anna Wright. Sample script and phone numbers can be found here. Calls need to be made today and tomorrow (May 23-24).

Thank you for acting on your faith. Together we can end this horror and build toward the world we dream about.

In solidarity, Susan Leslie & the UUA Organizing Strategy Team

One more thing! SAVE the DATE for a UU Conference on the Climate Emergency, September 15-17 in Washington, DC.

Keep reading for General Assembly News below.
If you are coming to GA or will be an on-line delegate - here’s some information about a new process for selecting Actions of Immediate Witness and some invitations to justice gatherings. Still need to register? Go here.

There is a new process for selecting AIWs. Here’s a list of proposed AIWs and who to connect with and how to add yours.

General Assembly Invitations for Justice Organizers & Activists:

  1. Attend this year’s Side with Love Public Witness Action--Demand Smart Justice in Spokane! On Thursday, June 20 at Noon-1 pm to help local organizers stop the expansion of the County Jail in Spokane and build the movement to end mass incarceration everywhere. View our video about the action here!
  2. This year there are role-based tracks at GA. Come to the Side with Love track to get inspired and equipped for effective justice-making with front line organizers on Thursday morning, June 20 & Saturday afternoon, June 21.
  3. Love Resists will offer a double slot workshop on migrant accompaniment and ending cash bail - 2 strategies for ending mass deportation and mass incarceration - on Thursday, June 21 at 1:30 pm.
  4. There will be lots of Climate Justice and Indigenous led workshops throughout GA.
  5. Attend a Migrant Justice Organizing Meeting - fill out form here.
  6. Are you a Congregational Social Justice Staff person, as in you have a paid position? More congregations are starting to fund social justice in this way. Get networked with other social justice staff at GA and beyond. Please fill out this form and you will see info about our lunch on Friday, June 21 at noon, and next steps.
  7. Are you engaged in or interested in Faith-Rooted Congregation-Based Community Organizing? We are hosting a workshop and a networking gathering - get info & fill out our short survey & RSVP here.
  8. Commemoration for the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall! Join Side with Love at the nYne Bar & Bistro - Downtown Spokane’s Equality Bar, Friday, June 21st, 6 pm.

Susan Leslie
Congregational Advocacy & Witness Director
UUA Organizing Strategy Team, 617-948-4607,

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