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Dear ,

We've just wrapped up the first all-virtual UUA General Assembly! This year's GA concluded with several significant statements being adopted, including Responsive Resolutions that call for investment in UU youth and young adults and the establishment of an intersectional justice commission, and Actions of Immediate Witness that call for action to defund the police and to address 400 years of white supremacist colonialism.

Many resources for United Nations Sunday are now available online. Visit the UN Sunday website - - for information and spiritual grounding to begin crafting a worship service on this year's theme,
All In for Climate Justice: People, Power, Planet. Additional resources will be added to that section of our website as they are finalized, and I'll send you a note to make sure you know when everything is online.

Here are the minutes from the June Envoy meeting. The UU@UN is hosting an open gathering Q&A on July 14 in lieu of the July Envoy meeting. Register here to attend and invite fellow congregants and leaders to join as well. Our next regular Envoy call will be in August - please RSVP here.

Be safe and well, friends.

In faith, love, hope, and justice,

Allison Hess

International Engagement Associate

Some recommended text to put in your congregation's newsletter.

The UU Office at the UN is taking action to make sure that Unitarian Universalist voices are represented on the global stage. This is especially important as the United States and many other powerful nations have shifted away from upholding principles of human rights and multilateralism. All UUs are invited to join staff from the UU Office at the UN to learn about what the Office has been working on in the last year, and what plans they have for the coming months. Join via Zoom at 7pm Eastern on Tuesday, July 14, 2020. Register ahead of time to participate. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. Register here:


(Just repeating from last month in case you didn't get a chance to do these!) Please complete the following tasks by the end of July.
  1. As the summer begins, take some time with your Envoy Team to reflect on the past year and set goals for the coming year. Start making plans and get them rolling this summer!
  2. Get your UN Sunday service on the calendar! If you'd like someone from the UU@UN to be part of your service, be sure to invite us soon before our schedules fill up.
Youth Leaders at 2020 Virtual Seminar: Deans Taz & Sophia and Chaplains Zale & Maggie
A look behind, a look ahead

June 15: Summer internships begin (virtually) at the UU@UN.
June 16: June Envoy Conference Calls
June 20: World Refugee Day

June 24-28:
General Assembly for the Unitarian Universalist Association
July 2: UU@UN Director Bruce Knotts speaks in virtual Event "Racism: Where do we go from here?" Hosted by Religions for Peace USA and the Parliament of the World's Religions
July 7: Deadline to apply to serve as a Youth or Adult Dean at 2021 Intergenerational Seminar

July 7-16: High-Level Political Forum at the United Nations
July 14: UU@UN hosts online Q&A gathering.
August 7: Hiroshima Day 75th Anniversary

August 9: International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples
August 12: International Youth Day
August 18: August Envoy Conference Calls

August 20: Deadline to apply to serve as a member of the Planning Committee or Chaplain Team at 2021 Intergenerational Seminar
September 21: International Day of Peace, and Commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations: "The Future We Want, the UN We Need"


The following "Time to Act" suggestions for July 2020 will be related to the Sixteenth Sustainable Development Goal: Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all, and build effective, accountable, and inclusive institutions at all levels - focusing on target 16.7 (Ensure responsive, inclusive, participatory and representative decision-making at all levels.) SDG 16? WHY IT MATTERS!

While many of the Sustainable Development Goals - assessed every year by the office of the Secretary-General - are making positive progress towards being achieved, SDG 16 is moving in the opposite direction, with institutions and governments around the world becoming less transparent and less inclusive since 2015. Unitarian Universalists can make a huge difference toward accomplishing target 16.7 by investing time and energy towards the UU the Vote campaign. Increasing voter turnout at all levels and expanding participation in democracy beyond the ballot box will mean that more voices can be represented at decision-making tables (and Zoom rooms).


Unitarian Universalist congregations are invited to dedicate one worship service in the year to our Sixth Principle's call for a world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all by hosting a United Nations Sunday worship service or event. As mentioned above, some of the UN Sunday resources are now available at We're continuing to finalize the rest of the materials for you and will let you know when everything is available. As a reminder, this year's theme is All In for Climate Justice: People, Power, Planet. Congregations are invited to address UN and UU engagement with climate justice and the struggle between people and power structures (power as in authority not as in energy, though that's also an important part of the climate justice conversation). The full resources will include information connecting the theme to our UU values, suggested religious education activities, a sample order of service, and much more! The recommended date for UN Sunday is October 25, 2020.

Seeking youth and adult leaders to shape 2021 event

The UU@UN will be hosting its annual Intergenerational Spring Seminar April 9-11, 2021. As mentioned in the Spring 2020 Act Globally Newsletter, we have also decided with excitement and trepidation that this will be an all-virtual Seminar, with engaging, accessible, and spiritually-grounded activities and programs. This decision was made with a commitment to prioritizing health and safety for those most at-risk in our community, and with an acknowledgement of the unknowable shape and timeline that COVID-19 recovery will take.

The 2021 Seminar will build off of the prior Seminar's theme of All In for Climate Justice, this time lifting up the climate justice work of ensuring food security for all and creating just, equitable food and agriculture systems.
The UU@UN is currently accepting applications for Youth and Adult Deans (due July 7) and for members of the Planning Committee and Chaplain team (all ages; due August 20).

Typically, the UU@UN would cover travel, lodging, food, and other expenses for Deans and Chaplains who work on the Spring Seminar. We are considering how to equitably adapt this to a virtual event. The UU@UN covers registration fees for all active Planning Committee members.

Find more at

When did the looting start?

By UUA International Office Staff

When, exactly, did the looting start? We, in the UUA’s International Office, seek to lift up the histories of imperial looting and theft by empires seeking only to satiate their infinite appetites for power and domination. We steadfastly remain in solidarity with Black,.......

Keep yourself and your congregation informed about important news coming from the UN
Annexation - The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, warned Israel on Monday not to proceed along the "dangerous path" of annexing a swathe of occupied Palestinian territory, urging the Government to listen to its own former senior officials along with the "multitude of voices around the world."

Food insecurity - Tens of millions more people are likely to go hungry this year because of the COVID-19 crisis, the UN World Food Programme (WFP) said on Monday, as it announced plans for a massive boost to its global aid operation so it can reach them.

Electric cars - As demand for raw materials used in the production of electric car batteries is set to soar, the UN trade body, UNCTAD, raises a call to urgently address the social and environmental impacts of the extraction of raw materials, which include human rights abuses.

Mosquitos - The UN nuclear agency (IAEA) has announced a major breakthrough in the bid to scale up technology designed to suppress disease-carrying mosquitos, and bring dengue, yellow fever, and Zika under control.
This work is made possible by the generosity of member congregations and individual donors.

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