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Earth Day is April 22nd and we recommend these powerful resources about tackling climate change, fighting corporate greed, supporting Indigenous resistance efforts, and more. We hope they inform and inspire necessary action. Browse our complete selection of environmentalism and environmental justice titles online.

Climate Courage: How Tackling Climate Change Can Build Community, Transform the Economy, and Bridge the Political Divide in America
by Andreas Karelas

Andreas Karelas has a message we don’t often hear: we have all the tools we need to solve the climate crisis and doing so will improve our lives, our economy, and our society. But to engage people in climate solutions, he argues, we need a new way of framing the problem that’s empowering rather than fear-based. Climate Courage shows us how we can move past our collective inaction on climate change and work together in our communities to create a more sustainable, just, clean energy–powered economy that works for everyone.

Under the Sky We Make: How to Be
Human in a Warming World

by Kimberly Nicholas

In her astonishing book Under the Sky We Make, Kimberly Nicholas does for climate science what Michael Pollan did more than a decade ago for the food on our plate: offering a hopeful, clear-eyed, and somehow also hilarious guide to effecting real change, starting in our own lives. Saving ourselves from climate apocalypse will require radical shifts within each of us. But it can be done. It requires, Nicholas argues, belief in our own agency and value, alongside a deep understanding that no one will ever hand us powerwe’re going to have to seize it for ourselves.

Justice on Earth: People of Faith Working
at the Intersections of Race, Class,
and the Environment
edited by Manish Mishra-Marzetti
and Jennifer Nordstrom

This highly acclaimed anthology presents a powerful and penetrating look at environmental justice from some of the key thinkers and activists in Unitarian Universalism today. These prophetic voices from a wide range of perspectives reveal new approaches and opportunities for more holistic, accountable, and connected justice efforts. Each essay is accompanied by suggested ways to take the next steps for further learning and action. The 20182019 UUA Common Read.
Fight for Environmental Justice from Colonization to Standing Rock
by Dina Gilio-Whitaker

Through the unique lens of Indigenized environmental justice, Indigenous researcher and activist Dina Gilio-Whitaker explores the fraught history of treaty violations, struggles for food and water security, and protection of sacred sites, while highlighting the important leadership of Indigenous women in this centuries-long struggle. As Long As Grass Grows gives readers an accessible history of Indigenous resistance to government and corporate incursions on their lands and offers new approaches to environmental justice activism and policy.

by Robin Broad and John Cavanagh

The Water Defenders tells the important story of a community in El Salvador that took on an international mining corporation at seemingly insurmountable odds and won. Based on over a decade of research and their own role as international allies of the community, Robin Broad and John Cavanagh immerse the reader in the lives of the ordinary people who rallied together to prevent the mining corporation from poisoning the country’s main water source. At a time when countless communities are resisting powerful corporations, The Water Defenders provides valuable lessons for all engaged in the fight to protect people and nature from corporate greed.
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