Just Acts: Rise Up in Body & Spirit--May 1st and Beyond

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It’s not just spring that’s in the air.  Can you feel the movement, the movement of resistance? In the midst of so much repression, the seeds of liberation are rising up through the cracks in the sidewalks and the crumbling old roadways, hearkening a new day. Our faith can help lead us there. We can build a new way. 

On May 1st immigrant, refugee, Muslim, Black and Brown, indigenous, LGBTQ communities, workers, women, environmental justice activists, and all who support a vibrant and diverse future for our country will Rise Up! 

An intersectional spiritual movement, a fusion coalition, is coming together across the country in 100 cities to resist the current administration’s deportation machine, ‘law and order’ agenda, and scapegoating and criminalization of whole communities.  We’ll take collective action for collective liberation and resist policies that threaten our planet and our well-being. Will you join us?

The UUA and UUSC are joining faith communities, unions, Movement for Black Lives, Mijente, migrant rights organizations, climate justice groups, indigenous networks, and a spectrum of progressive allies on May 1st. We’ll be building on the momentum of the Women’s March, the People’s Climate March on April 29th, and the Beyond the Moment Month of Action that began on April 4th, the 50th  anniversary of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Beyond Vietnam speech, where he so prophetically called for resistance to the “triple threats of racism, militarism, and materialism.”

On May 1st we will, we need to, demonstrate our economic power, build collective power through inclusive coalitions, engage in political and corporate advocacy, and bring our spiritual power, our faith, to the movement. Local organizing is happening all across the country. There will be walk-outs, strikes, actions, marches, prayer vigils, town halls, boycotts, and on-the ground and online advocacy.  To find an action near you, along with communications and political education toolkits, see

Whether you and your congregation or community can join a march or vigil, send dozens of postcards to Congress, support striking workers and a day without immigrants, participate in a teach-in, or pledge not to shop on that day, you can live our UU values and be part of Rise Up!

May 1st launches a multi-faith Week of Prophetic Resistance and Prophetic Resistance Sabbath the weekend of May 5-7.  Theology of Resistance website with a six week curriculum, accompanying webinars, podcasts and more has just been rolled out to support this effort. 
The Theology of Resistance project asks each of us to respond to the question: 

Are you a chaplain to the Empire or a prophet of the Resistance? It challenges us to denounce narratives and structures that oppress, and to look at our complicity with these structures, and our own tendencies to become chaplains to these narratives and structures. 
The #UU White Supremacy Teach-Ins   
Click on the link: April 30th and May 7th provide an opportunity for us to do both.  


Can you feel the movement, the movement of resistance? Can you dream of  liberation?  Our faith can help lead us there. We can build a new way.

Sign up here to connect with us and rise up with love on May First!

In faith and solidarity,


Susan Leslie
UUA Congregational Advocacy and Witness Director
Multicultural Growth & Witness Staff Team   

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