Greetings Beloved!

Can you believe it? It’s Fall 2018…and all that it brings is upon us. Ordinarily, I end the summer season with much grief over the loss of long days and muggy nights, of traveling to the beach and ripe watermelon. But this Fall of 2018 has become an advent of awakening. After a year of political tyranny, perhaps the concrete of our exile is beginning to crack. Maybe, just maybe the dawn of a new era of the exchange of power is upon us as we draw near to the eve of Election Day. What are your hopes? What are your fears? How might you GET INVOLVED?

This Fall UPLIFT is intended to do just that, UPLIFT our spirits as we grieve, consider, and celebrate how our queer Unitarian Universalist faith has and will sustain us in the following ways:

  • Welcome our NEW intern, Jade Sylvan
  • Celebrating Bisexuality, the 30th Coming Out Day, and Intersex Awareness
  • Exciting upcoming events for LGBTQ+ Youth and Young Adults
  • Introducing Transforming Hearts Collective - NEW Transgender Inclusion in Congregations webinar series
  • Supporting Trans Lifeline to help trans people in crisis
  • Celebrating the installation of Rev. Dawn Fortune
  • The UUA joins #WeBelieveChristine actions on Capitol Hill
  • UUA stand with poor LGBTQ with the Poor People’s Campaign
  • GET INVOLVED in Florida, Ohio, and Massachusetts ahead of Election Day
  • Launching the New Five Pillars of Welcome Renewal in Welcoming Congregations
  • Joining DRUUMM in San Antonio in October 19-21

With so much at stake, I believe the Spirit is calling us into a season of reflection. Might this fall edition of UPLIFT center our minds, souls, spirits, and bodies as we embark upon life post-November, for better or for worse.

May our faith sustain us, no matter what!

May we take care of one another, no matter what!

May you find sanctuary during this moment as a spiritual refuge, no matter what!

May it be so!


Rev. Michael J. Crumpler
LGBTQ and Intercultural Programs Manager
Multicultural Growth and Witness

"If you don’t believe that your enemy can be redeemed you will become what you hate.” - Rev. Dr. William Barber, II

Introducing our our new Multicultural Ministries intern, Jade Sylvan!

It is my greatest privilege to introduce our new Multicultural Ministries intern from Harvard Divinity School, Jade Sylvan.

Jade will be assisting the UUA Multicultural Ministries Office with LGBTQ and Intercultural programs.

Read more about Jade!
Days of Remembrance
On this 30th Anniversary of National Coming Out Day, Let Us “Come Out" for LGBTQ Equality and Inclusion

Rev. Michael Crumpler

Thirty years ago queer people began celebrating National Coming Out Day on the one-year anniversary of the National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights.

Their goal was simply to celebrate our inherit worth and dignity before the nation and the world by living their truth as the most potent form of activism.

The year was 1988. The HIV/AIDS crisis was on the rise. Gay men were being buried by surviving families ashamed of their diagnosis and ignorant of their sexuality. The queer liberation movement, aligned with ACT UP, heralded the mantra “Silence = Death.” The immediate implication was that President Reagan’s silence about the AIDS epidemic was killing hundreds of thousands, but the broader truth was and still is that silence is death for anyone living with shame and fear of telling the truth about who they are. Read more.
#WeSeeYou - Celebrating Bi Visibility Day Reflection - Sunday, September 23, 2018
One: Moving beyond binaries invites us into the mystery and complexity of human sexuality, and of the Divine.

Many: Bisexuality reminds us of the diversity, beauty, and wonder of creation.

from "A Responsive Reading for Bi Visibility Awareness"
Read the entire responsive reading and prayer. solidarity with reproductive justice movements led boldly by women of color, we reclaim our sovereign right to our bodies, and through our activism we will atone for the pain and sacrifice of our ancestors.

We believe in intersex people.

We especially believe in the power and magic of intersex people of color to protect and defend ourselves from the medical industrial complex.

We are a just movement that has our vision set on attaining bodily autonomy for all.

We’re coming.

We will win.

from Intersex People of Color for Justice Statement for Intersex Awareness Day (IAD) 2017

LGBTQ Youth and Young Adults
" others have pointed out, national coming out day and its premise as the most basic form of activism is complicated. Soon after National Coming Out Day, many of us go to events for Trans Day of Remembrance on November 20 to celebrate the lives of our trans siblings who have been murdered. Queer and trans youth make up 40 percent of the total homeless youth population. Coming out can be dangerous.

Adrienne Rich wrote an article about the notion of coming out as perpetuating heteronormativity by positioning queerness as “other”. So, I'm curious about what kind of work/activism would upend the heteronormativity she speaks about? What if everyone were encouraged and given the space to interrogate their desires…. for themselves….. without the need for a performance of any of it?"

Sara Green, from Dare to Come Out to Ourselves on National Coming Out Day!

Meaning Makers is a spiritual development program for UU young adults (18-24). It is comprised of three tracks (spiritual practices and sacred sources, spiritual community and incorporating UU values at every level) that are explored through a January retreat (January 3-8, 2019) and monthly calls. Find out more information here.

Applications for YA@GA staff positions and THRIVE Young Adult will open on November 1. YA@GA is looking for two Spiritual Support Staff Members. Learn more.
Trans Issues
Transforming Hearts Collective supports spaces for LGBTQ people to access resilience, healing, and spirituality, and resources faith communities and other groups for the work of radical inclusion and culture shift. The have launched a six-session online course call Transgender Inclusion in Congregations. Learn more.
Trans Lifeline is a grassroots hotline and microgrants organization offering direct emotional and financial support to trans people in crisis - for the trans community, by the trans community.

TransLife needs your support.

We Believe Trans Survivors
  • Conversations about women’s rights rarely mention trans women
  • 58% of Trans folks who encounter police report sexual assault
  • Conversations about lived experience rarely mention trans men
  • nonbinary survivors, who are at the greatest risk for sexual violence of any gender identity

Read more.
Embrace the Grace of Being Loved: A Charge to the Minister
Editor's Note: This is an excerpt of the charge that was offered by Dr. Janice Marie Johnson, UUA Multicultural Ministries and Leadership Director, for the installation of Reverend Dawn Fortune on Saturday, September 29, 2018 at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the South Jersey Shore, NJ.

Look around this sanctuary.

Feel the love. It is palpable. It is real—and it is yours. Embrace the grace of being loved for all that is you. For all that is your life.
I charge you, Dawn Fortune, never to forget that are worthy of love. Break open your heart and accept what this deep, abiding love can mean.

You extend kindness first—without expectation. I charge you to expect kindness in return. In so doing, invite help from others who want nothing more than to experience the joy of helping you.

I charge you always to act in your own authority as you embrace change with a sense of calm plus comfort, of safety plus bravery.

I charge you to ever lead with that integrity, knowing that we will follow. Read more.
Public Witness
We Believe Survivors, We Believe Christine
Rev. Michael Crumpler
Today, I witnessed bravery like never before. Today, I witnessed a woman stand before the world and recount the deepest darkest night of her life. She was clear. She was poised. She was believable. Before a mob of media, angry protesters, and suspicious charlatans. She revealed her pain, her humanity, and her shame.

Sexual abuse is insidious. Not only does it rob you of your humanity, it leaves you mystified. The demon that rapes you has a way of making its home within you. You spend the remainder of your life laboring to exorcise this demon that is not you. Today, this demon was exorcised has Dr. Christine Blasey Ford sat before the world and uttered her truth. Read more.
GET INVOLVED - November 6th is Election Day!!!!!
LGBTQ/Non-Binary Lives ARE AT RISK

Read about other federal legislation pertinent to the LGBTQ community here.

MA: VOTE YES ON 3 to uphold dignity and respect for our transgender neighbors
FL: Get Involved with Amendment 4  
OH: Get Involved with Issue 1

UUA joins the Poor Peoples Campaign to address “Violence Through Policies that Abandon LGBTQ Youth to Homelessness” on Capital Hill

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi hosted a hearing with the Poor People's Campaign on September 26, 2018.

Rev. Michael Crumpler represented the UUA at this event, and offered his testimony along with Darin Brooks, a fast food worker involved with the Poor People's Campaign.

Learn more.

Welcoming Congregations
Five Pillars of Welcoming Congregations

In 2019 we will be launching a new Welcoming Congregations renewal program called The Five Pillars of Welcome Renewal.

The goal of the program is to encourage congregations to practice Welcome every year, year-round.

As we prepare for our January 2019 launch, we are inviting religious leaders and congregants to join one (or more) of our Five Pillars of Welcome Renewal - Weekly Orientation sessions throughout October:
October Mondays, 2-3pm EST
October Thursdays, 11am-12pm EST

Register to attend one of the The Five Pillars of Welcome Renewal - October Weekly Orientations

To learn more about The Five Pillars of Welcome Renewal visit:
New Welcoming and Renewed Congregations
New Welcoming

Hope Unitarian Church, Tulsa, OK
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Rock Valley, Rockton, IL
Ashby First Parish, Ashby, MA
The Adirondack UU Community, Saranac Lake, NY

Renewed Welcoming

UU Congregation of Monmouth County, Lincroft, NJ
Pilgrim House UU Fellowship, Arden Hills, MN
Pathways Church, Euless, TX
Community Unitarian Church, White Plains, NY
UU Church of Tallahassee, Tallahassee, FL
Community UU Church, Plano, TX
UU Society of Martha's Vineyard, Vineyard Haven, MA
Kitsap UU Fellowship, Bremerton, WA

2019 DRUUMM Retreat: October 19-21, 2018 in San Antonio, TX

Join us for a weekend of renewal, resilience, and connection with UU People of Color from across the country, hosted by San Antonio POC. Register online via Eventbrite by clicking here.

Registration covers lodging, food, and programming costs. Registration scholarships and subsidies can be requested by emailing us at
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