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Dear ,

It's been difficult for me to focus on writing this newsletter as the hearings are ongoing surrounding the Supreme Court Justice nomination. I have been inspired by the thousands of people who have showed up in Washington DC and elsewhere to show solidarity and affirm that they #BelieveSurvivors, including UUA President Rev. Susan Frederick Gray. Let us be gentle with each other during these times.

This past month's Envoy conference call minutes can be found here. Our September Envoy conference call included a brief tutorial illustrating how to create an Envoy profile on our online Map of Envoys. Please see the section below for more info and please add your congregation to the map if you haven't yet. Our next monthly call will be October 17. Please mark your calendar and RSVP here to let me know if you will participate.

I wish luck to all those who are holding United Nations Sunday worship services in the next few weeks! I hope it goes well and please don't hesitate to reach out if I can help in any way, or if you need me to send donation envelopes.

In faith, love, hope, and justice,

Allison Hess

International Engagement Associate


The United Nations General Assembly kicked off recently in New York for the beginning of its 73rd session. As 2018 marks the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, many of the sessions taking place at the UN have been centered around issues relating to human rights and the status of human rights 70 years after the UDHR was written. One of these sessions addressed what some are calling a "global crisis" of extrajudicial killings of LGBTI persons. One of the main issues that exists, which the Unitarian Universalist UN Office has been bringing up in UN circles for years, is the lack of accurate data relating to violence perpetrated against LGBTI individuals. This was reiterated by the UN Independent Expert on sexual orientation and gender Identity, Victor Madrigal-Borloz, as well as the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, who noted that because "Most countries do not track homophobic and transphobic crimes.. the result is impunity." The UU-UNO will continue pushing for reforms across the world so that the rights of all people can be respected and fulfilled, regardless of their real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity.


Please complete the following tasks by the end of October.

  1. Please share details about your congregation's UN Sunday service at
  2. If you haven't yet, add your congregation to the map of UU-UNO Envoys (details below)
September Review: (1) Create an Envoy profile on the online map so your fellow Envoys can find you (2) Let Allison know if you need her to send you donation envelopes.
Photo from DPI/NGO Conference
A look behind, a look ahead

September 21: International Day of Peace.

September 23:
Event sponsored by UU-UNO, UN Office of Disarmament Affairs, and partners, commemorating the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, at Unitarian Church of All Souls, NYC.

September 26: International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons.

October 2: Academic Interns begin at UU-UNO.

October 21: United Nations Sunday.

October 24: United Nations Day.

November 1-8: 2018 Parliament of the World's Religions in Toronto, Canada.


The following "Time to Act" suggestions for September 2018 will be related to the Thirteenth Sustainable Development Goal: Take urgent action to combat climate change and all its impacts - focusing on target 13.2 (Integrate climate change measures into national policies, strategies, and planning.)

  • In the U.S. during this election year, make sure that the politicians you're electing will take serious measures to integrate climate change prevention into their policies and strategies. If candidates don't have clear plans behind this already, organize an awareness campaign to get it on their agenda.
  • In Canada and for those who don't have any significant local elections this year, look into your representatives' current policies and contact them if you're not satisfied by what they're doing as far as making climate change a priority.

Now live on our website is a Map of UU-UNO Envoys and Envoy Teams! As of writing this though, according to the map only 4 congregations have an Envoy or Envoy Team! If you haven't yet added your congregation to the map, please do so. It's relatively simple and you can find instructions here.

As mentioned above, I did a tutorial during the September Envoy conference call to walk people through the process for adding your congregation to map of UU-UNO Envoys. If you weren't on the call, please watch the
video of the tutorial for help. Also, one follow-up note from the tutorial:
Your email address does not show automatically on your user page! The only reason it did on the tutorial video was because I was logged in w/ my UUA staff account which has special permissions. It should just show "Contact: Send a Message" when someone (who’s logged in) clicks on your account name. Using the "Contact: Send a Message" form gives the person a notification via email that they have a message (it also shows the message itself in the email) and they’ll need to log into to reply within the system.
This way you can be in touch directly with other Envoys near you.

UN Sunday is coming up soon! If you haven't yet, be sure to get in touch with your congregation's minister and/or Worship Committee to get UN Sunday on the schedule. The recommended date for UN Sunday this year is October 21st (closest Sunday to UN Day on October 24th) but you'll notice many congregations will be celebrating on another day. If your UN Sunday service isn't on my list yet, please email me and I'll add it.

August 19: UU Congregation of Castine, ME (Bruce speaking)
October 14: Beacon UU Church in Summit, NJ (Bruce speaking)

UU Congregation of the Catskills in Kingston, NY (Allison speaking)
October 21: First Parish UU in Bedford, MA (Allison speaking)
UU Congregation of Petoskey, MI (Bruce speaking)
UU Church of Arlington, VA
UU Church of Birmingham, AL
October 28: UU Society of Bangor, ME (Bruce speaking)
First Unitarian Church of Portland, OR
Cedar Lane UU Church in Bethesda, MD
November 18: UU Church of the Lehigh Valley in Bethlehem, PA (Allison speaking)
November 25: Neighborhood UU Congregation in Toronto, ON (Bruce speaking)
December 2: UU Congregation of Central Nassau, NY (Allison speaking)
January 27: Unitarian Society of New Haven in Hamden, CT (Bruce speaking)

March 10: Glacier UU Fellowship in Kalispell, MT (Allison speaking)

If you would like me to send donation envelopes for you to use during your UN Sunday service (either in the order of service, or on a display table!), please contact me and I will do so.

April 10-13, 2019 - New York City


Our next Intergenerational Spring Seminar will take place in New York City, April 10-13, 2019, with a focus on the topic of achieving gender equity in our globalized world. Start making plans now. Registration will open in December - you can find rates online now.
Special 2019 Young Adult Rates! This year's Seminar team hopes to help more Young Adults between the ages of 18- and 35-years-old attend the Seminar - including those who have attended before as Youth. This year, the Young Adult registration rate includes lodging at HI New York. If any Young Adults do not wish to stay at the hostel, there is an additional discount available during the registration process.
Some information about the upcoming Seminar is available online at Additional details will be added as they become available. We are considering

Find more at

The Case Against Lethal Drones and Autonomous Weapons Systems

By Joanne Dufour, Disarmament Volunteer

This blog post examines the consequences of lethal drones and autonomous weapons systems, on the rise in state and non-state weapons systems around the world.......

Remembering Landmines

By Joanne Dufour, Disarmament Volunteer

This blog is dedicated to the upcoming anniversary of a landmark Mine Ban Treaty and the work done by the Canadian Government and the Intarnaitonal Campaign to Ban Landmines in their efforts.......

Pan African Cooperative Leadership Retreat

By Rev. Sara Ascher, ICUU

In late July 2018, leaders from nearly every African Unitarian/Universalist community gathered in Nairobi, Kenya for a 3-day retreat. This meeting was the culmination.......

Keep yourself and your congregation informed about important news coming from the UN
Ending Sexual Exploitation - World leaders joined with United Nations entities on Thursday to reaffirm their continued personal commitment to support efforts to combat sexual exploitation and abuse across the Organization. Watch a video about how the UN responds to sexual exploitation and abuse.

Tuberculosis The first ever High-Level Meeting on tuberculosis was held this week at UN Headquarters in New York, at which Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed said that the fight against tuberculosis is drastically underfunded with a gap of about $13-billion per year.

Violence against LGBTI persons - As the UN celebrates 70 years since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a high-level event on extrajudicial, summary, and arbitrary killings of LGBTI persons around the world heard the challenges facing the community described as nothing short of a "global crisis".

Human Rights Successes - Though in some ways the world seems to be moving in the wrong direction as far as human rights are concerned, in many places there have been great stories of success, which are highlighted in the "Good Human Rights Stories" initiative recently launched to inspire nations to follow suit.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT - Every two weeks the UN posts articles and videos summarizing noteworthy news developments over the past two weeks in the UN system. Find it here!       
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