Dear ,
As dangerous tropical storms and wildfires rage this week, and as communities are once again gripped with grief and a different kind of rage over anti-black state and vigilante violence, the inadequacies of our government response and social infrastructure is increasingly clear. My heart goes out to all the communities and creatures directly affected by these manifestations of our complex social & ecological crisis.

It’s crunch time. Our collective actions now will have an enormous ripple effect on the future for all life on this planet. The heartbreak of this moment is too heavy to hold alone. We are called, once again, to come together and put our hearts, our minds, and our time into seeking cultural healing and transformation and decisive movement victories in the near term for social and ecological justice.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

In faith and solidarity,

Aly Tharp
Program Director, UU Ministry for Earth
Create Climate Justice Manager, UUA Organizing Strategy Team

This newsletter is broken down into three sections: the top 3 priorities of the Create Climate Justice initiative. New priorities will be established through a participatory process in early 2021.
Strengthening UU Communications & Mutual Support Networks
The New Green Sanctuary Program: A Faithful Response to Climate Urgency
Sept 15, 4 PM PT / 5 MT / 6 CT / 7 ET
Webinar hosted by UUA Green Sanctuary Program

Join this webinar to learn about the new Green Sanctuary Program design and simplified accreditation process --- a presentation by the Rev. Karen Brammer (Green Sanctuary Program Manager) will be followed by ample time for Q&A and networking. REGISTER HERE.

The climate crisis calls us to balance urgency with open minds and hearts to learn and collaborate with communities most impacted. The result will be a difficult but creative and soulful transition to a thriving world with opportunity, survivability and justice for all, now and for future generations.

The new 2020 edition of the UUA Green Sanctuary Program offers a path of congregational transformation. It begins with spiritually grounded reflection and moves the whole congregation through a continuous spiral of awareness and commitment, resulting in a congregational life robust with courageous, ongoing climate action. Sign up for the webinar to learn more. This event will be recorded.
United Nations Sunday Resources

The Unitarian Universalist Office at the United Nations invites all congregations to dedicate one Sunday worship service each year to focus on the important work of the United Nations and our UU Office at the UN.

This year, on the 75th Anniversary of the founding of the United Nations, the UN Sunday theme is

All In for Climate Justice: People, Power, Planet. The recommended date for UN Sunday is October 25th, the day after UN Day.

UN Sunday is also an opportunity for congregations to take action for international climate justice! A collection of resources to plan a service and get involved, including detailed information about the theme, theological grounding, a sample order of service, and religious education materials, are all available at (CCJnet) Website Updates

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Join a Live Tour and Q&A

Hosted by Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth

Mark your calendar to attend one of these upcoming live webinar tours to learn how to utilize this powerful community organizing tool:

  • Weds. Sept. 2 - 4 p.m. PT / 5 MT / 6 CT / 7 ET
  • Tues. Sept. 8 - 4 p.m. PT / 5 MT / 6 CT / 7 ET
  • Mon. Sept. 21 - 5:30 p.m. PT / 6:30 MT / 7:30 CT / 8:30 ET
  • Wed. Oct. 7 - 4 p.m. PT / 5 MT / 6 CT / 7 ET
  • Tues. Oct. 13 - 4 p.m. PT / 5 MT / 6 CT / 7 ET
  • Mon. Oct. 19 - 5:30 p.m. PT / 6:30 MT / 7:30 CT / 8:30 ET

Join using Zoom.

Help Unlock a Matching Grant to Create Climate Justice

Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth is fundraising for a $2,500 matching grant from the UU Funding Program that will go towards increasing outreach and support for the engagement of UU youth, young adults, people of color, religious educators, seminarians, and ministers in this year’s Create Climate Justice ministries and strategic planning processes. Can you pitch in? DONATE HERE

Solidarity with Indigenous Front-line Communities
Defund the Police for Climate Justice: Write a Letter to NoDAPL Political Prisoners

UU young adults and allies gathered recently to write letters to Indigenous water protectors who have been targeted for their activism and are still behind bars. Grounding together in song, meditation and discussion, we were joined by Rev. Karen Van Fossan, who shared about UU NoDAPL Political Prisoners solidarity work.

While UUs are joining the movement demanding the Federal Bureau of Prisons to follow CDC guidelines and release qualifying prisoners, writing directly to those in prison is an important way to show solidarity and extend real human connection in these dangerous times. READ MORE

Webinar Series "Unitarian/Universalism's Colonial Legacy: Are We an Imperial Faith?"

Every Thursday, September 10 through October 8, 2020 (5 sessions)

4:30-6 PM PT / 5:30-7 MT / 6:30-8 CT / 7:30-9 ET

Participation has reached the limit of 25 people. SIGN UP HERE to join the waiting list or watch the recordings after the webinar is complete.

Sponsored by the UUA International Resources Staff Group, International Council of Unitarians and Universalists (ICUU), & Unitarian Universalist Partner Church Council

Unitarians, Universalists, and Unitarian Universalists have sustained and participated in systems of colonialism throughout our history and continuing to this day. Learn about our U/U history of global engagement, how that legacy plays into current relationships, and how we can move towards dismantling imperialist systems in our faith and beyond.

This webinar series will be hosted by Rev. Sara Ascher, Rev. Roger Bertschausen, Rev. Alicia Forde, and Rev. Fred Muir.
Catalyze a Just Transition to an Ecological Civilization Through Partnership & Civic Engagement
UU the Vote for Climate Justice

Have you plugged in yet to UU the Vote? Sign up to participate in the series of national phonebanks UU the Vote is hosting with partner organizations the New Florida Majority and Wisconsin Voices. RSVP HERE for any of the upcoming phone banks.

The next one is for Wisconsin, on September 2nd at 4-6 PM PT / 5-7 MT / 6-8 CT / 7-9 ET.

This is an all hands on deck moment for electoral organizing! Sign up for email updates to stay current on this important faith-wide voter mobilization effort for the November election. Scroll down on the website’s Get Involved page to see all of the upcoming online programs you can attend for spiritual nourishment and mobilization support.

Join the Campaign to Strengthen Local Climate Commitments (SLCC) Across the USA

There are 800+ Unitarian Universalist congregations in communities where an official climate commitment has been made by local elected leadership!

Join the Strengthen Local Climate Commitments (SLCC) campaign to seek action, accountability and justice in your local climate policy process.

Here’s where to start:

SIGN UP and join the SLCC Monthly National Collaboration Calls, every first-Wednesday at 5 PM PT / 6 MT / 7 CT / 8 ET.

TAKE ACTION - 198 Mayors recently released a letter calling on Congress to take bold action for climate, racial and health justice. Send an email to thank your mayor for their leadership, or join the campaign and get your mayor on board.

LEARN MORE - Find out what your community has committed to by searching for your state and county in the resource (spreadsheet) titled “3 SLCC TOOL Locations Sortable for Climate Commitments” on (do a word search for “3 SLCC TOOL” in the left menu bar).

For questions or more information, reach out to Doris Marlin, .
Solutionary Rail Webinar with Bill Moyer

Thursday, September 10th, 5 PM PT / 6 MT / 7 CT / 8 ET

Hosted by Unitarian Universalist for Just Economic Community

Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 865 4724 6094

Solutionary Rail is a strategy for electrifying America’s long distance railroads for both passengers and freight, taking vast numbers of heavy trucks off our roads, plus many people out of cars and airplanes. A key component of the Green New Deal, it will be a quick start at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and revitalizing communities across the US. Guest speaker Bill Moyer is not only the practical visionary behind Solutionary Rail, but also an arts-activist extraordinaire as the leader of the Backbone Campaign.

Harvesting Lessons for a Just Transition from Movement Generation

Over the past eight weeks, UUs have been listening, learning and reflecting together on the deep wisdom of Movement Generation’s Course Correction: Just Transition in an Age of Covid-19. In between the sessions, UUs also gathered to discuss what the material means for participants’ local communities and UU climate organizing. Check out these key takeaways from the discussion group, and watch, read or listen to the recorded sessions. LEARN MORE

Artist Credit: Ricardo Levins Morales

Interfaith Consultation: Good Trouble for a Healthy Planet

Thursday, September 24th, 7-10 AM PT / 8-11 MT / 9-12 CT / 10-1 PM ET

Join this interfaith consultation to address the climate emergency, confronting
the impact of human activity on the planet with insight and hope. The webinar will feature opening and closing plenaries with five concurrent workshops in between the two plenaries. DETAILS & REGISTRATION

Thank you so much for reading this newsletter and working towards climate justice as an embodiment of Unitarian Universalist faith. Stay tuned for more Fall program updates and invitations, soon!
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