Just Acts: All In 4 Intersectional Justice: Elections Webinar 8-14,
Climate Strike 9-20, Close Homestead Detention Camp & More Justice!

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The truth will set us free…. if we organize around it. Truth: Humanity faces a climate emergency. Truth: People and most certainly children do not belong in cages. Truth: We can build power through participating in strategic campaigns for climate, migrant, racial, indigenous, and lgbtq justice. Truth: We need a massive voter registration and Get Out the Vote effort in 2020.

Bold loving action, including direct action, prophetic truth-telling, democracy and electoral justice are needed now. Take heart. There are millions of people show share our values who are yearning and acting to get free and create justice. We UUs can do our part and we can rely on our faith to sustain us. So… pace yourselves and keep building the movement because we are going to bring about change starting in this new congregational year.
We’ve got resources, actions, and campaigns for us all to take action collectively this summer, this fall, and through November 2020 and beyond. Please participate as you can, and where you are particularly called, and share with others. We can’t individually all do everything but together we can fight for the dignity of our people, the sustainability of our environment, and the creation of democratic processes for living together on this planet.
1) Democracy & Electoral Justice 2020
Join us for a Webinar on Democracy & Electoral Justice 2020 - Wednesday, August 14th, 7 pm ET/4 pm PT. Register now!

Speakers include:
  • Adam Eichen--Co-Author of Daring Democracy (Beacon Press, 2007)
  • Charlene Sinclair--Center for Race, Religion and Economic Democracy
  • Everette Thompson--Side with Love Campaign Manager
  • UU State Action Networks & UUSJ in DC representatives
  • Susan Leslie--Congregational Advocacy & Witness Director

We will explore strategies and share resources from now through Elections 2020 and beyond, focusing on three phases of engagement from massive voter registration, ballot initiatives and advocacy, and all out Get Out the Vote! Register now.
2) Migrant, Refugee & Asylum-Seeker Justice

  • #CloseTheCamps. Through our coalition efforts we have shut down the detention camps in Tornillo and Carrizo Springs, TX, prevented Ft. Sill in Oklahoma from becoming a detention camp, and seen 1,500 youth released from the Homestead Florida camp.
  • The fact that the Department of Health and Human services is now saying it will eventually close these camps
proves that they never had to cage these kids but rather have chosen to carry out the cruel policies of the administration. We need to keep the pressure on Homestead and ensure that the 17 year olds there are released before they turn 18 as they are being handed over to adult detention centers on their birthdays! We will close Homestead and keep on fighting to close all detention centers and get justice for migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees. Here’s what we need you to do:
      1. Contact your Member of Congress and ask them to support the Child Prison Camps Act and Families Not Facilities Act. We are gaining new opponents as the Trump administration’s detention camps become more exposed and there is ‘division in the ranks.’ Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma is one of the most conservative senators in the country and he rejected the use of Ft. Sill to cage migrant children. Our partners at the American Friends Service Committee have set up an action center here.
      2. Participate in an in-district visit to your representative to Defund Hate - no more money for ICE and Border Patrol. Research shows that these visits are the most effective ways of changing votes. The UUSC has put together resources to use to arrange visits from August 19-30.
      3. Volunteer for the vigils at Homestead - sign up here.
  • Expanded Community Sanctuary: In addition to closing the camps we are working to protect our community members who are subjected to raids and deportations. The joint UUA-UUSC Love Resists campaign is supporting congregations participating in community protection networks, rapid response, and expanded sanctuary. For congregations providing sanctuary, and whose guests are being threatened by ICE with fines in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, UURISE (UU Refugee & Immigrant Services & Education) can also support you.
  • Defend No More Deaths, a ministry of the UU Church of Tucson: Dr. Scott Warren will face trial for a second time this November on two counts of felony harboring for offering food, water, clean clothes and beds to two men from Central America. This re-trial is a blatant attempt to intimidate people everywhere who believe care and compassion should not be criminalized.

No More Deaths is hosting a short-term volunteer program in support of Scott’s legal defense campaign. From September to November 2019, they are welcoming volunteers from around the world for two weeks or longer to come support their community outreach efforts in southern Arizona. You can find more information here.

Stay tuned for upcoming actions. Our coalition is developing a strategy to take us through Nov. 2020 and beyond. Love Knows No Borders!

3) Create Climate Justice

  • Save the Date: Global Climate Strike Sept. 20-27. It’s not climate change, it’s a climate emergency. The UUA is partnering with, Extinction Rebellion (XR), Sunrise Movement and others who have answered Greta Thuberg’s call with youth from around the planet to join the Global Climate Strike with a huge kick off on Sept. 20th and various actions throughout the week. Only our governments have the power to stop the fossil-fuel economy. Leaders of this movement, who have studied social movements that have led to real change, estimate that when 3.5% of the population is willing to strike or risk arrest or participate in ongoing protest that governments will respond. Our UUA Organizing Strategy Team will be sending out a Create Climate Justice alert next week with a sign up for UUs and listings of events. If you are not already subscribed, sign up here and check Create Climate Justice.

4) Disrupt Mass Incarceration and End Cash Money Bail

Join Black Lives UU & Love Resists to disrupt mass incarceration and end cash money bail!

Download their End Money Bail Community Workbook and sign up to facilitate a group. See Love Resists resources on how mass incarceration starts with money bail, our freedom starts with ending it!
5) Support the Equality Act
The Equality Act would amend existing civil rights law — including the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Fair Housing Act, the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, the Jury Selection and Services Act, and several laws regarding employment with the federal government — to explicitly include sexual orientation and gender identity as protected characteristics.
The UUA is a member of the Equality Act Faith Coalition. Our goal is to organize in all 50 states on behalf of the rights of LGBTQ people. Later this year, the LGBTQ office will be offering an Equality Act webinar for the Five Practices of Welcome Renewal to prepare that Unitarian Universalist for the battle ahead.

For more information on the Equality Act visit: Center For American Program - Infographic: The Equality Act Explained or contact Rev. Michael J. Crumpler, UUA LGBTQ & Multicultural Programs Director in Ministries and Faith Development; (617) 948-6417 or
6) Post GA 2019 News
Three Actions of Immediate Witness on the Green New Deal, Palestinian rights, and the rights of immigrants were affirmed by the delegates and a Statement of Conscience on the Corruption of Our Democracy was adopted.
7) 2019 Recipient of the Bennett Award for Congregational Action on Human Justice and Social Action
The 2019 Recipient of the Bennett Award for Congregational Action on Human Justice and Social Action is The Unitarian Society, A UU Congregation in East Brunswick, NJ for their Lost Souls Public Memorial Project commemorating over 177 Black people who were enslaved by a county judge who had a street named in his honor in their community.
The project exposes this shameful history, educates the community, and builds community partnerships. Read more here.  Nominations for the 2020 Bennett Award will be due March 16th, 2020.
We at the UUA Organizing Strategy Team are looking forward to continuing to work with you in this coming year! Later this month we will be welcoming in our new Director, the Rev. Ashley Horan. Read the UUA Announcement here. To learn more about our Team’s priorities and work and how we can support you see
In love & solidarity,

Susan Leslie
Congregational Advocacy & Witness Director
UUA Organizing Strategy Team, 617-948-4607,

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