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November 2016
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With election season and the increasing calls for justice work, there's a lot of changes we have to deal with on multiple levels... here's a care package of updates from your friendly UUA Outreach Team!

From the GrowingUU Blog

Overheard by a Unitarian Universalist congregational lay leader recently: "I know Americans are going to church less, all the ‘spiritual but not religious’ stuff, but I’m not sure what to do about it. How are we supposed to respond, how can my congregation adapt? How do we reach out with our saving message? Where do we start?"

Dealing with Change... Together
Three short, great reads on change for November.

13 Facts About Opposition To Change Too Many Leaders Miss
Some key concepts that will keep you sane when trying to implement change in your congregation. This post deals with opposition to change, the nature of why it seems as though you’re always on the leading edge of change, and how to get people to buy in.

Dog Poop and Congregational Adaptive Change
Is Outreach an adaptive challenge in your congregation?  “When the problem continues even after you think you’ve fixed it, then you know it’s an Adaptive Challenge.”  Tips on how you can re-frame it, imbedded in a story about dog poop. Delightful!

We Love in a Community of Constant Change

You read that right.  Love, not just Live.  Truth spoken by a UU youth about how we can invite change into our lives as a way to welcome diversity and start taking down the walls which keep people from feeling welcome.
Yours for the Using!
We've got two virtual goodies for you this month...
I Voted With My UU Values

Election season is finally wrapping up, but we know how important our 5th Principle (use of the democratic process) is to us UUs.  Spread the use of these on social media or print them as stickers. It'll give us all an opportunity to invite conversations with others about what those values are, and what they mean to us.

Thanks to UU designer Abigail Clauhs for these!

We Are Unitarian Universalists Video

Hopefully you've already seen this one, released last month on the website and Facebook page.  It's already gotten 120,000 views on Facebook, and close to a combined 3,000 views on YouTube.  People have been sharing the video on their congregations' Facebook pages and highlighting them on their websites.  It's also a great personal faith statement to share with your friends and family on your own profile.

The full-length video is 3 minutes, and there are currently 2 shorter clips available, about 1 minute each.

We'd love it if you'd hit reply to this email and let us know what "changes" you're facing.  We want to tailor future outreach care packages to what you find most useful in your ministry!

Until next time, turn and face the strange...

Carey McDonald, Anna Bethea, and AJ van Tine

Your UUA Outreach Team
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