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Act Globally Winter 2018
Engaging with global Unitarian/Universalism in action
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Last week, Unitarians and Unitarian Universalists gathered in Kathmandu, Nepal for the 2018 Conference of the ICUU (International Council of Unitarians and Universalists). Below, you can catch a glimpse of what Acting Globally looked like for U/Us in February! There's a lot going on in our global U/U community, so please enjoy reading about all the opportunities available to you - and please share them with your family, friends, and fellow congregants.

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The Heart of Unitarian/Universalism
International Council of Unitarians & Universalists 2018 Conference
February 12-15 in Kathmandu, Nepal

By Allison Hess

A peak into the 2018 ICUU Conference through photographs...
The week in Kathmandu was an incredible opportunity to learn and grow together as Unitarians and Unitarian Universalists from all corners of the world. At the opening ceremony, the audience was welcomed warmly by representatives from the Unitarian Union of North East India, including a performance of a traditional Khasi plate dance (see bottom left photo above)!
Thanks to generosity of Faithify donors and the UU Partner Church Council, several young Adults were able to attend the 2018 ICUU Conference. One evening, the Young Adults hosted a panel discussion, focusing on how Unitarian/
Universalism can stay relevant in the 21st century. They also held a worship service incorporating the theme of "the Heart of U/Uism" which echoes throughout history from the Edict of Torda and into the future of our faith.
Following the Young Adults worship service on Thursday morning, the ICUU recognized Rev. Jill McAllister for her many years of dedicated service to our global faith.
In between Chalice Circles, meetings, panels, worship, and keynotes, some ambitious conference-goers were able to make some time for a bit of tourism - visiting the lively Thamel district, the beautiful Garden of Dreams, the iconic Durbar Square... and even tasting some of the local cuisine! Walking around the city though, we saw the devastating  effects of the 2015 earthquake on many historic structures in Kathmandu. There's still a lot to rebuild.
The experience at the conference, and all the connections made between U/Us across the globe, will be cherished for a lifetime. And I for one am looking forward to continuing the intense theological conversations that started in our Chalice Circles that will be carried forth worldwide during the year-long Torda450 Theological Dialogues throughout the rest of 2018!
A more in-depth blog post about the 2018 ICUU Conference will be available in the coming week on the UUA International Blog!
When Crisis Calls  Advancing Just Migration for All
UU United Nations Office -
April 5-7 - Intergenerational Spring Seminar

Engage with the United Nations and global action to address the refugee crisis and support just migration.
Registration closes Monday 2/26!

In partnership with the UU College of Social Justice, the Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office's 2018 Intergenerational Seminar will feature interactive events and discussions where youth and adults can delve into the complex issue of migration. Worship, panels, speakers, and workshops will address current global refugee policies, identity and migration, expanded meanings of sanctuary and solidarity, the impact of climate change on global migration, and so much more. Broaden your understandings, form close bonds through intergenerational dialogues, and return to your community energized and empowered to make a real difference. We're excited to announce our keynote speaker will be Raed Jarrar and Thursday evening will feature a performance by The Sanctuaries! Check out for more information about the conference, and stay tuned for updates on our Facebook event!
2018 Brings Three Ways to Connect with Transylvania Unitarians
UU Partner Church Council -
July - A Mindful Walk

Experience Transylvania in a whole new way!
Two weeks visiting the historic Unitarian places, medieval cities, castles, and enjoying the beauty of central Transylvania - all for less than $100/day! Prof. Megan Dowdell from Starr King School for the Ministry and UUPCC Board Member Rev. Andrew Weber (who is conversant in Hungarian) will lead the walk portion through the beautiful rolling hills and pastoral river valleys of central Transylvania. During this time you will engage in religious history, enjoy Transylvanian community life, and discover new spiritual practices.
July - UUMA Pilgrimage & Retreat

Ministers, deepen your understanding of our faith in a whole new way!
This special trip is only open to members of the UUMA in preliminary and final fellowship and to members of the Hungarian Unitarian Church Ministers Association as well as UK Unitarian ministers. Together with colleagues, visit significant Unitarian holy places including Torda, Gyulafehérvár & Déva. Special activities include attending the celebration of the 450th anniversary of the Edict of Torda and the dedication of the Center for Religious Freedom in the renovated Bishop's House in Kolozsvár. Attend a conference on religious freedom led by a panel of theologians from Transylvania, the US, Indonesia, India, and Burundi. Includes three days of conversation and joint programming with Hungarian Unitarian Church colleagues at a retreat center. To extend your visit choose the optional 4-day/3-night pre-trip extension to Budapest.
September - Thanksgiving Economy Pilgrimage

Celebrate Transylvania Thanksgiving for 60% off summer rates!
Beginning and ending in Kolozsvár/Cluj, visit the most significant of our Unitarian holy sites and spend the special Transylvanian Thanksgiving weekend with your partner congregation revitalizing your partnership. If you do not have a partner, the UUPCC will arrange for you to stay in one of the many beautiful Unitarian villages with other pilgrims. This trip offers an optional 4-day/3-night pre-trip extension to Budapest, and a 6-day/5-night post-trip extension to Maramures & the Painted Monasteries of Bucovia.
Opportunities for Religious Professionals
Including Ministers, Seminarians,  and Religious Educators
Solidarity Through Sanctuary
May 8-12, 2018 - Tucson, Arizona

Calling all ministers, seminarians, and religious educators, are you wondering how your congregation can effectively act for immigration justice?
The UU College of Social Justice's Border Witness for Religious Leaders "Solidarity Through Sanctuary" will be a transformative experience at the U.S./Mexico border that will give you the skills to guide your congregation or community to reduce the impact of the administration's harmful policies and create safer, more just, and welcoming communities. Directly bear witness to some of the realities that migrants and refugees face, and learn from and support the inspiring grassroots organizing being done in response. This Border Witness journey will help you become a more powerful and effective religious leader for immigration justice in these perilous times. Generous financial aid that can cover up to 50% of the program fee is available. Registration closes Thursday, March 1!
Intergenerational Seminar
April 5-7, 2018 - New York, NY

A special track of programs for religious professionals is being designed to augment the 2018 UU United Nations Office's Intergenerational Spring Seminar. It will include deep conversations about congregational engagement with Love Resists (featuring Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen), as well as delving into the theological questions surrounding the global migration crisis, as well as opportunities for networking and more informal collaboration with colleagues within the larger context of the United Nations Seminar. Registration closes on Monday, February 26! Some financial aid may be available; contact if interested.
Violence Prevention in Bolivia and the Philippines
Help our Filipina and Bolivian sisters build their leadership skills and act to prevent and combat violence!

Today, women's leadership and empowerment are vital. The International U*U Women's Convocation has initiated a Faithify crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the expansion of a violence awareness program in Philippine UU communities and the implementation of a pilot leadership development program in Bolivia. Your pledge, big or small, will make a difference. Please help IWC's campaign meet its goal by March 17th. Thank you for your support!
Global Chalice Lighting
February 2018
From the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists
Words of Rev. Nangroi Suting, Minister and General Secretary of Unitarian Union of Northeast India

English Translation
We light this divine chalice to enlighten our souls and all our thoughts.

We light this chalice to inspire, to feel its warmth and brighten those who have received it.

We light this chalice to spread its spiritual seed to those who have not found it.

We light this chalice to bring close connection and strong relationship between us, humanity, and with the Divine Spirit.

Let this light empower and strengthen us to move ahead and to attain the ultimate goal of a contented life within ourselves. Amen
Khasi Original
Ngi kynthah ding ia kane ka Chalice ba kynja mynsiem ba kan pynshai ia ki mynsiem bad ki jingmut jingpyrkhat jong ngi baroh.

Ngi kynthah ding ba kan nang pynrhem, pynsyaid bad nang tyngshain ha kito kiba la ioh ia ka.

Ngi kynthah ding ba kan ioh ai ia u symbai jingshai sha kiwei pat ki bym pat shem bad lap ia ka.

Ngi kynthah ding ba kane ka jingshai ba kynja mynsiem kan wanrah ia ka jingiasnoh bad jingiadei kaba khlain hapdeng u briew para briew bad ruh ka mynsiem ba kyntang.

Ai ba kane ka jingshai kan nang ai bor ia ngi ba ngin nangtur shakhmat ha lynti jingim ban ngin ioh ia ka jingim ba pynhun mynsiem. Amen.
Additional translations in Italian, German, Filipino, Dutch, Spanish, and French are available on the ICUU's website.

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