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Holy Time
Sabbath is the time each week when "you do not need to define your existence, to prove your worth in the culture or the marketplace... Sabbath helps us count our days and make them count."
Support Youth Leaders with ADD
In shared youth/adult leadership we measure the maturity, capacity and skill of a youth leader then provide the level of support needed. For teens with ADD, executive functioning skills (prioritization, self-monitoring, and organization skills) can be a particular area of growth.
For Yours

Nourish youth spirits, grow their skills

Tether Yourself
There's a correlation between how much time we spend online and how we measure our self worth. This awareness strategy can keep youth from drifting from their best lives.
Summer Programs
Applications are open for Thrive East (7/25-29) and West (8/1-5) with a priority deadline of 3/15. Summer Seminary (7/24-30) applications accepted until 2/15.

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