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Coming Soon: UUA WordPress Theme Update Version 1.1

Dear ,

Happy Holidays from the UUA!

We're excited to announce that very early in January, we'll be releasing the much-anticipated update to the WordPress Theme that you've downloaded for your congregation's website.  This update fixes some of the issues that you as users have identified, as well as adds some new features.

Here's how to ensure a smooth transition to the update...

  • Anytime after January 5, check your WordPress Dashboard for the theme update notification.  Follow steps 4-8 of the instructions to install the update, make needed updates to service dates, add a Google Maps API, and add the inSpirit bookstore widget.

In addition to the update, we're also shifting some responsibilities for administrative and technical support.

  • Christopher Wulff, who originally developed the theme and this update, will be providing the last bit of transition support in early January and will be rotating off this project to focus on his other ministry pursuits.  Thank you, Christopher, for your commitment to supporting this vital tool for congregations!

  • Outreach, which is now a part of the UUA Communications staff group, will continue to manage the theme, with support from UUA's IT Services, namely, the web team.  We're also contracting with an outside company to provide the tech support that we aren't able to offer in-house.

  • We'll continue to rely heavily on the peer support that you provide each  other through the forum and Facebook group, but if you run into questions or problems that can't be answered/solved there, contact us at and we'll route your questions to those best able to help.

We hope this update will help you stay relevant as a source for liberal faith in your local communities!

In faith,

Anna Bethea, UUA Outreach Specialist
Margy Levine Young, UUA Web Team Manager
Christopher Wulff, UUA Pacific Western Region Communications Specialist

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