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Adolescent Mental Health Report
Update your info about smartphones and social media use, substance use and abuse, anxiety and depression, ADHD, psychotic episodes and schizophrenia, suicide and self-harm, unique challenges in adolescent mental health care, and evidence-based educational and therapeutic approaches for adolescents.

Including Parents
Involve parents/guardians in your plans for empowering and emboldening youth by sharing this article about "the self-driven child" with them.
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The GenderCool Project
Cool stories. Exceptional kids. The GenderCool Project is a national storytelling campaign spotlighting remarkable stories of transgender young people.
Intersectionality in Youth Activism
If your youth are joining the movement against gun violence now, help them be aware of the loss of humanity that happens when we as a society choose to support some of our children while ignoring or even maligning others. Share "Why It Hurts When the World Loves Everyone but Us" by Janaya Khan

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