I’m not really a "Christmas person." I’d just as soon high five on the Solstice then twiddle my thumbs until New Years, then sleep until spring. But I felt a new and tiny spark this December, I think I’m starting to get it...

We have a need for celebration.

Oh, silly me, we bring a tree inside because it’s nice to get a piney whiff instead of just wafting in our own funk from being cooped up when it’s so cold outside. Oh, duh, we hang ornaments on things and wrap up objects, sing those cheerful songs and generally decorate the hell out of town because all of nature’s decorations – the flowers, the fruit trees, the bird songs, even the blue skies some days – are asleep for the winter.

We humans, we’re actually built to celebrate – to seek pleasure, to feel settled in one another’s company, to practice healing behaviors when times are tough. These are needs of ours, they just are. Of course we don’t have to wrap presents and sing carols to meet those needs for pleasure, connection and healing. But if we’re not intentional about meeting those needs, they’ll pop up in sneaky, demanding or unhealthy ways anyway.

You getting your needs met is vital to the success of your ministry. Asking for what you need and taking care of your needs is a freaking gift to the people in your life because when you are content and balanced you can be full of care. Here are some companion resources on the topic of care.
You can’t force a care group but let’s be honest, life is hard and most of us crave care and connection with other people. Learn about Care Groups
Hone your skills with these resources on the 3rd youth ministry competency: Providing Appropriate Pastoral Care and Interventions.
Read and print this wonderful self care zine by

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