Whether lots of new youth have joined or it's already a tightly knit group, the start of the church year is the time to create a culture of care.
Feed your spirit

Consent: As you help youth think about how they want to treat each other and be accountable to one another, reflect on how you might expand your own understanding of a culture of consent.
Grow your work

Guidance: Perfect for re-ups, refreshers or "ack I'm brand new what do I do?!"s, check out this youth ministry start up guide for everything you need to know to get started.
Nourish youth spirits

Care: Every youth needs to know they’re important and that their absence is noticed. Every youth deserves the confidence and security that when bad stuff happens, they’re not alone. Help them be there for each other.
Grow their skills

Hospitality: Teach them the basics of what it means to practice acceptance, radical hospitality, accountability and inclusivity in a community of care.

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