Just Acts: New Year: Season of Prayer & Possibilities--Week of Action

"May my heart be open and my mind embrace new possibilities. May my spirit sustain me as I work to love the world as it is and as I seek the courage to continue to serve the spirit of love and unity."

– Rev. Leslie Takahashi, Lead Minister, Mt. Diablo UU Church
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Our partners at the PICO National Network have called for a Season of Prayer from January1st-20th as part of their Prophetic Resistance Project. Gratitude to Rev. Takahashi and the many UU ministers and clergy of several faith traditions who are taking part. You can read UUA President Rev. Peter Morales' prayer here

We all need spiritual sustenance as we embark on what many faith and national and community leaders are calling the fight of our lives.

The threats to undocumented communities and Muslims, proposals for a national stop and frisk program, removal of safety net programs, rejection of the Paris climate agreement, actions to restrict reproductive rights will be much greater come January 20th.    

The multi-faith We Say Enough! Campaign is leading a #Fast4Power that will culminate on that day. We will be fasting to fortify our spirits, strengthen our resolve and prepare our minds, bodies and souls for the work ahead and hope you can join us for the week, part of the week, and on the last day. There will be daily messages and check-ins to support you.

We will need this collective support as we enter a Week of Action together starting on the Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend. It begins with the January 14th National Day of Action to Protect Immigrants, Muslims & Refugees in Washington, DC and 50 other cities around the country, includes our 30 Days of Love launch on January 16th, and ends with the National Women's March on Washington on January 21st. You'll find more information (including home stays) along with toolkits, teach-ins, and webinars on our Show the Love page. Please also register your events on the Show the Love map here.

Immediately, following the Week of Action, the UUA, UUSC and the UU College of Social Justice will host a webinar on January 22nd on Solidarity & Sanctuary. This webinar will review a range of strategies appropriate for congregations of many sizes and contexts.

Lastly, remember to participate in our ongoing justice efforts. Comments on our Draft Statement of Conscience on Escalating Inequality are due on February 1st as part of our Congregational Poll and Comment Period.

Submissions for the annual Congregational Social Justice Bennett Award are due March 15th.

The next cycle of grant applications for your social justice efforts are due March 15th. There are also smaller Public Witness Action matching grants of up to $1,500 available on a rolling basis. The UU Funding Program is here to support your efforts. As we build our strength for the days ahead, please consider making a donation to the UUA to help amplify our collective impact.


Susan Leslie
UUA Congregational Advocacy and Witness Director
Multicultural Growth & Witness Staff Team

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