Just Acts: Love Resists & Defending Democracy

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One month ago the UUA and UUSC rolled out a joint campaign, Love Resists, building on the Declaration of Conscience that many of you (over 14,000) signed (if you have not yet, please do at the Love Resists web page). At the same time over 600 UU congregations signed up for the #UU White Supremacy Teach-In  organized by UU religious educators of color with support from Black Lives of UU. Thousands of UUs took to the streets for the People’s Climate March and May Day and we are receiving news daily of congregations voting to become sanctuary and solidarity congregations. Our movement is responding to the need to ready ourselves for deep, protracted, sustainable and intersectional justice-making—inside and out.

In this issue, we have three invitations to help strengthen your justice work, revive your spirits, build multiracial UU and multi-faith community and defend our democracy:
  1. Join Love Resists monthly Conscience Calls – next one on June 9th
  2. View/host a monthly multi-faith livestream from Rev. William Barber on Reflection, Revival & Resistance and the new Poor People’s Campaign – June 4th 
  3. Sign & share a Faith Leaders Letter from the UUA and other faith organizations to Congress to Defend Democracy and Keep our Houses of Worship Non-Partisan.
1) We are hosting monthly 1 hour Love Resists Conscience Calls to deepen spiritually grounded justice work and build community.

On our next Love Resists Conscience Call we will hear from Caitlin Breedlove, Vice President of Movement Leadership at Auburn Theological Seminary, and former UUA Standing on the Side of Love Campaign Director.  Caitlin will provide us with an overview of the political landscape, the organizing challenges and opportunities at this time, and how UUs and Love Resists can make a difference.  As is our practice on these calls we will ground ourselves spiritually and have time for small group sharing and reflection.


Love Resists is about expanded sanctuary for all who need it – all who are being criminalized under this administration – and we will be featuring partners from Movement for Black Lives, LGBTQ equality and Muslims solidarity organizations, as well as UUs and faith partners engaged in the work, on future calls and webinars.
2) In a few weeks Rev. William Barber will be announcing dates and stops for a 2017-18 new Poor People's Campaign tour. On June 4th, the campaign is launching a monthly Sunday evening program "The Gathering: A Time for Reflection, Revival and Resistance."  You can sign up to view and to host a livestream of The Gathering in your community.
Rev. Barber writes: “As we gathered to announce that I am stepping down from leadership of the NC NAACP to serve a new Poor People's Campaign that will share this movement with other states and with the nation, we got news from the Supreme Court that out victory against voter suppression--a four year legal battle--will stand.  For me, it was a confirmation: moral fusion organizing can transform mean-spirited 'divide-and-conquer' politics into a Third Reconstruction for America.”
3) Defend Democracy and Separation of Church and StateAt this year’s National Prayer Breakfast, Donald Trump promised to "get rid of  and totally destroy the Johnson Amendment” and now some Members of Congress and others are seeking to repeal it. Since 1954, the Johnson Amendment has drawn a line between tax-exempt religious organizations  and other charities, and political spending to support or attack candidates. Please join the UUA and other faith organizations in telling Congress not to change the current law that keep congregations from becoming centers of partisan politics. Visit to add your name to the growing list of faith leaders (clergy and congregational leaders) standing up for the integrity and independence of houses of worship. 

Lastly, if you are coming to General Assembly, please join our Thursday programming: We’ll kick off with a Love Resists workshop in slot 1 at 1:30 p.m., followed by a two-part workshop on Organizing for Transformative Justice in Dangerous Times with organizers Dr. Charlene Sinclair of Center for Community Change and Brittini Gray, Lead Organizer for Metropolitan Congregations United in St. Louis and part of the Ferguson Resistance Movement.

In faith and solidarity,

Susan Leslie
UUA Congregational Advocacy and Witness Director
UUA Multicultural Growth & Witness Staff Team

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