Just Acts: Two Timely Invitations to Resist
White Supremacy & Create Justice—Inside & Out!
Dear ,

We write with heavy hearts as once again our communities have been denied justice with the not guilty verdict of a white former St. Louis police officer who killed Adam Lamar Smith.

While we must respond in a timely way, we also need to respond in a strategic way and build our capacity and competency for dismantling white supremacy and growing courageous love.

As a social justice faith leader, we want to extend two invitations to you to help you and your congregation and community work for transformation both internally and externally—inside and out.

Please join our next Love Resists Conscience Call on Friday, September 22nd where we will introduce a hands-on webinar series on Creating Safe Communities and Eliminating Racial Profiling & Reducing Arrests and Police Violence. Congregational teams will participate in four sessions throughout the year, beginning Oct. 13th, will work on assignments in between, and have an opportunity to gather at GA 2018.

We are also inviting you to join us at Mosaic Makers: Leading Vital Multicultural Congregations National Conference 2017, Oct 27-29, 2017 in San Diego, CA.

Mosaic Makers: Leading Vital Multicultural Congregations National Conference 2017 is a dynamic gathering and learning community for teams from congregations deeply engaged in the work of building intentional multicultural community. We gather together in spiritual community for two and a half days of workshop, experiential learning, and community building around the theme of strengthening the fabric of Unitarian Universalist multicultural ministries.

We hope you can join us! Read more below.

In faith and solidarity,


Susan Leslie
UUA Congregational Advocacy and Witness Director
Multicultural Growth & Witness Staff Team   

Achieving Safe Communities – Introduction on Sept. 22nd Conscience Call

Love Resists invites you to join us on Friday, September 22nd for our September Conscience Call on Achieving Safe Communities. Rev. Meg Riley, Senior Minister, Church of the Larger Fellowship Unitarian Universalist, and civil rights Attorneys Al and Adam Gerhardstein (members of First Unitarian Cincinnati) will introduce a webinar series on Strategies to Eliminate Racial Profiling and Reduce Arrests & Police Violence.

Sign up here for the September Conscience Call
Friday, September 22 at 1:00 p.m. ET/10:00 a.m. PT

During this call you’ll learn about the role that people of faith and conscience can play in creating a climate of witness and pressure for accountable policing in your community. This introduction will help you recruit a team for participating in the series that will include four sessions over several months, on Friday, October 13th, with concrete assignments in between, and a gathering at GA 2018. By working together over several months we will be able to review projects and our progress on the webinars and share our experiences.

Sign up if you want to participate but can’t make the call and we will send you a video recording and more information.

Save the Dates! Webinar Series, Friday afternoons 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST October 13, 2017; February 23, 2018; March 23, 2018; May TBD) and session at the June 2018 GA. Sign up link coming soon. Email to hold a space for your team.

Mosaic Makers: Leading Vital Multicultural Congregations National Conference 2017, Oct 27-29, 2017 in San Diego, CA

This year’s Mosaic Makers conference is open to all congregational leaders who are seeking a path to justice, as this moment in our denomination and society requires us to not only address injustice in the larger world but also in our denomination. We’re inviting everyone who wishes to embrace this avenue for disrupting, and eventually dismantling, white supremacy in our culture and in our denomination. Learn to do it – or do it more effectively.

Among our attendees will be UU congregations from around the country who are leaders in multicultural welcome and inclusion, and whose congregations are providing some of the most exciting and dynamic transformation in our movement. Many of these congregations are engaged in combating white supremacy culture. We know that we can learn from each other. We’re delighted to help foster real peer-to-peer learning between congregational leaders – professional and lay.

This year’s conference features a slate of speakers and thought partners representing a multitude of identities, who will develop, enlarge, and amplify our capacity to do this important ministry. Highlights of the program include a tour to the US/Mexico border with First UU Church of San Diego partner groups, a visit to the South Bay Campus, and a culturally authentic Día de Muertos celebration.

Learn more and register at

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