Many young UUs crave what Sufi writer Hakim Bey calls "temporary autonomous zones," place where – forever however brief a time – a community flourishes by experiencing & embracing values counter to the dominant culture. Here's how...
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Models: Especially in times when we're frustrated and disheartened - being bound by covenant means that we continually make the choice, as Rumi says, that wherever we are, and whatever we do, to be in love.
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Inclusivity: Explore ways to better include youth of many identities and life experiences. Jessica and Elizabeth share stories about real ways to create brave space, honor differences, shift culture and widen who we mean when we say "We" in this webinar.
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Prayer: Share The Courage to Begin Anew by Rev. Rosemary Bray McNatt. "In this moment we call to mind those times of failure and regret common to all of us..."
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Work it: This Bringing the Web to Life session describes why and how Unitarian Universalists covenant with one another and the world we live in and guides participants in creating a covenant for the year.

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