Do you set New Year's intentions/resolutions? If you do, I have a sneaking suspicion your resolution is not "leave more things to the last minute." So here are some Save the Dates for future events as well as some personal insight into how I plan (haha, you'll get the pun in a minute) to settle into an expansive 2019.
Preparation and Grounding

As I gear up for the busy season in the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries I'm thinking a lot about the difference between being prepared and being grounded.

I used to have a severe case of imposter syndrome. One symptom for me is meticulous over-planning and preparation, leaving no contingency unaddressed. But, it's mentally exhausting to attempt 20/20 foresight. And anyway, it lacks luster when everything is "under control

Don't get me wrong, a certain amount of preparation is vital! But, part of me living so diehard by the Boy Scout motto was that I didn't have faith in myself that I could meet whatever the moment called for with what I had inside me.

When I catch myself over-preparing I shifting my orientation towards being grounded rather than clinging to being prepared.

Before I go into a presentation, meeting, event, etc. I make sure I'm well fed, rested and loved to the best of my ability. I put that first, even if it means the handouts don't get printed. I put attention to my spiritual practices (meditation and yoga) which remind me I can be both steady and adaptive. I note to myself what is non-negotiable and stay flexible about the rest. I trust that there is something I cannot plan for, that only the people gathered can co-create, if only I can leave space for that something.

When I do these things to stay grounded, I can pivot with some grace to meet the unexpected and settle into the moment knowing I have everything I need.

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