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"The Talk" about senseless gun violence
When the world feels out of control, when school shootings are a tragic norm, when national tragedies activate our stress, terror and trauma, we will provide a ministry of presence, spiritual care and resilience.
The ESSENCE of Adolescence
Our cultural attitude toward adolescents can foster, or inhibit, their movement toward becoming more integrated as individuals and as members of a larger society, welcoming them in to participate in how we shape our world...
Thrive for Youth of Color!
East - July 25-29 in MA
West - Aug 1-5 in CA

Meaning Makers for Young Adults! June 5-9 in TX

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Song list for community and justice
Music minister Matt Meyer has a song list of his favorite songs for community singing, but couldn't find recordings for a number of them. So he got together with some friends and made these!
Growing Young Justice Makers
Having agency, feeling emboldened, being empowered, sustaining hope: these are the ways teens can process the national traumas of things like school shootings. Invite them into discernment, action, and reflection with you.

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