I love our overachieving bunch, I really do. The ever-reliable folks who want to serve our faith and give back. I know how good it feels to be needed, to make a difference. And yet, sometimes in all that doing, we forget why we're really here.
Do you know the value of your leadership?

The value of your leadership in our faith has nothing to do with how much work you take on or how good a job you do. Do you know that? Do your youth know that? We can easily get seduced into believing our value to our community is dependent on how many calls we’re willing to say yes to. What a huge weight to carry! For some, the fear is real that our "good UU card" is dependent on how much the community relies on us to function. What a precarious position to be in!

In truth, however, the value of your leadership is that:
- your presence inspires others to live their values.
- you breathe faith formation into everything.
- you help others remember to pause and reflect on the process.
- you truly see our young people, respect their gifts and help them know they belong.

The true value of your leadership isn’t in the doing, but in the being. I encourage you to pause this busy holiday season and jot down or have a conversation with someone about how your leadership is a spiritual practice. Here are some companion resources for you and yours.
Watch this short video on lay leadership as a spiritual practice based on Eric Walker Wikstrom's book Serving With Grace
Deepen your knowledge about the first competency for ministry with youth: Forming Healthy Relationships and Shared Leadership with Youth.

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