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Supporting Youth Activism
Use and contribute to a public document about best practices and good ideas for how Unitarian Universalist religious professionals, lay leaders and congregations can bolster and amplify youth efforts towards social justice.
"What if UU Church was Also for Us?"
What if instead of youth leaders bridging and seeing no future for themselves, we had opportunities for them to create programming as young adults? Read raised UU young adult Hazel Gabe's thoughtful piece that recently went viral on meeting the needs of raised-UU adults.
For Yours

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Amplifying youth voices
From Ferguson to Parkland youth have been speaking up against violence. Be their megaphone. Read Unitarian Universalist youth leader Kari Gottfried's piece #Enough is Enough.
Vicarious Trauma
When you can watch a school shooting on social media the trauma reaches far and wide and we all become bystanders. It's adults' job to keep youth from getting caught in a trauma loop, not able to move forward.

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