Youth Ministry Operatives December Newsletter
Saying Yes and Saying No

Ready or Not

“As I contemplate the state of the world at this moment in time, I cannot think of anything more needed than a reminder of our potential to bring peace and healing and possibility into our lives. We don’t always feel it or see it or think it is there. But then there comes Christmas, even when we aren’t ready to receive it.” ~Cynthia Frado



In a month that  simultaneously zips by and never ends figuring out what we want to say no to and what we want to say yes to is paramount. Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen's Prayer for Saying Yes feels relevant today. “The best yeses are hard because they ask something of us. / The best yeses are easy because they let us be who we’ve always said we would be.”

Video Tutorial

Pastoral Responses to #metoo

Teach and practice a culture of enthusiastic consent in your youth group and congregation and empower youth & families to create that culture in their homes, schools and other environments

Refamiliarize yourself, your youth and families of your role as a
mandatory reporter and your congregations sexual harassment and abuse policies

Talk with your supervisor and youth ministry team about using
spiritual practice or ritual to offer healing and spiritual support for youth to develop a healthy sexual and gender identity

OWL of course, can you sponsor it for your whole community?

Use this
very surprising (to me at least) analysis of the Christmas carol Baby it’s Cold Outside and rape culture
as a discussion starter on cultural norms around sexuality, power and desire 


Peer to Peer Stewardship

Give your youth a chance to practice justice and show them how organizing and coming together as a community can create a generous gift much bigger than any one person could do along. Invite them to support the campaign to keep the Rainbow Ball Weekend going for rural queer youth across Maine.


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